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10 best drugstore mascara


10 best drugstore mascara

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This is the first hadokas list with 10 best mascaras from drugstore. 

1. Maybelline - The colossal go extreme - leather black -
I fell in love with this Maybelline mascara immediately after the first try.
Although I am not a fan of thicker brushes, only one application catched every eyelid.
It really gives a stunning look to the eyelashes, giving them volume and length.
At the same time, this mascara has excellent range of   quality and price,
since Maybelline has a lot of disconuts on this mascara.
(For example,  disconut of 30%, so you can buy it for 40 kn.)


Maybelline - The colossal go extreme - leather black - hadoka.jpg

2.  Maybelline - The colossal go extreme - volum - 
Another Maybelline excellent mascara is  from the colossal go extreme line,
which is primarily intended for the volume of eyelashes.
Although Leather Black provides a larger volume and makes eyelashes more beautiful,
this mascara is great for daytime when it is important for you to achieve
a nice lash appearance in a very  short time.

Maybelline - The colossal go extreme - volum -  hadoka.jpg

3.  L'Oréal voluminous extra black x5 
Mario Dedivanovic, best known as Kim Kardashians makeup artist made
L'Oréal line Volumenous x4 famous, so Volumenous x5 quickly won the hearts
of many make up artists.
And indeed, this mascara is pure perfection.
Apart from the fact that they beautifully separate eyelashes in a way that they are not glued,
it gives them extra volume and extends them.
With this mascara, it is possible to achieve the appearance of artificial lashes 
Unfortunately, it is withdrawn from the Croatian market,
but it is available in foreign countries. 

 L'Oréal has also produced primer for eyelashes in  this line,
which is designed to make lashes even more beautiful and to last longer.
As well as we are hoping that this mascara will return to the shelves of Croatian drugstores
as it is one of the best-selling mascara in the world, we hope that this primer will come with it.

Loreal voluminous extra black x5  hadoka.jpg

4. Essence - I love extreme - crazy volume

Wtih this mascara Essesnce has proven that the very high quality mascara  for 20 kuna can be found.
This may sound unbelievable but this mascara  can proudly  stand in the same line with some high end mascaras.
Even if you are not a silicone brush lover, this product could change your  mind
because it not only beautifully separates the lashes, but gives them a long and truly beautiful volume.
And with this mascara you can achieve the effect of artificial lashes.
This mascara can quickly become one of your go- to mascara.

Essence - I love extreme - crazy volume hadoka.jpg

5. Essence I love extreme - volume 
From the same Essence  line it comes the mascara  in the  black packaging.
Although the prevoiously described  mascara gives a larger volume to lashes 
and a more beautiful look, this mascara is an excellent choice for daily routine
 and it also costs  20 kuna.

Essence I love extreme-volume - hadoka.jpg

6.  Max Factor masterpiece max

With the Max Factor mascara 2000 calories, this mascara is so long
on the list of favorite mascara  from drugstore's shelves.
This mascara beautifully separate each eyelash and after that you immediately see how longer they are.
Also,  this mascara doesn't leave any marks under or above the eyes, 
this mascara is one of the best Max Factor products.

max factor masterpiece max hadoka.jpg

7. Catrice  Glam&doll false lashes mascara -
This Catrice  mascara is the best mascara for people who dont t want extreme volume
but want their eyelashes to be beautifully separated.
 Also, its great for work and  daily meetings, since this mascara give us a natural look.

Catrice  Glam&doll false lashes mascara - hadoka.jpg

8. Essence- Lash princess-false lash effect mascara-
This Essence  mascara  proves that in the shortest time, 
extreme volume and  large eyelash, can be achieved by
spending 20 kn on the mascara.
Since this mascara is very thickly its important  to be careful with
its application because it can give a heavy feel on our  lashes.
It is not the best choice if you try to separate each eyelash,
but its certainly a great choice to give your eyelashes volume and length.

Essence- Lash princess-false lash effect mascara- hadoka.jpg

9. Max factor-2000 calories
Even though  Max factor put another mascaras on the market,
 this mascara is eternal. 
Since it's been on the market for a long long  time, everyone  back  once in a while again for it.
It is not intended to give excessive length to eyelashes but it gives you a nice volume.
The advantage of this mascara, as with most of the Max factor mascara, that isn t mapped
under or above the eyes, so it will sit on your eyes even after high summer temperatures or rainy muggy days.

Max factor-2000 calories hadoka maskara.jpg

10. L'Oréal - False architect 4 dimensions effect fibers-waterproof -
The advantage of this  L'Oréal product is both volume and length
 and a brush that beautifully separating each eyelash.
The mascara  is a great choice for  evenings since it really lasts long.
Its not the best choice for everyday use because its difficult to get rid of it  due to waterproofing.
Even though  when you open this mascara for the first time you have a feeling like this mascara
is very dry, it dosent leave any marks under and above the eyes so  its definitely 
one of the best waterproof mascara on the market for now.


Loreal - False architect 4 dimensions effect fibers-waterproof - hadoka.jpg

Thank you for reading and 
let me know your favorite mascara.



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