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Beauty in march


Beauty in march

Ok, these days I'm already planning which ones are my april favorites, but it's never too late for favorites, right?

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Although it is already mid-April and for two weeks I will record a new video with this month favorites, I decided to share with you my march  favorites because I really think that for favorites it is never too late. Below you can read about the 10 products that I still use, except that I finished Afrodita's  hand soap very quickly because it's so wonderful that  I used it too much and too often.

1. BALEA Sanfte Waschcreme
This  Balea product is intended for dry and sensitive skin, just like my skin is. Although this product is intended to remove makeup I do not use it for this purpose, but as a first step in the morning to wake up. I bathe in the drifting water, then put on the face a little of this creek that has a pale pink particle (as a peeling) in it  and after that I pass with the Foreo device on the face. After dyeing and rinsing of this creme off the face, besides which, of course also Foreo helps, this cream leaves a soft facial skin. Indeed, at first I was wondering whether this was the result of cream or Foreo, but over th  time I decided  to not investigate further because this combination perfectly fits me. I read that people often had a peeling problem with this creme, and since the cream in my case was very short on my face, I did not notice the consequences. Also, some people talked to me about drying the face, which I did not personally notice, but I note these examples if the same thing happens to you too. In any case, this is one of my favorite face care products that comes in a 150 ml package, contains a variety of vitamins and almond oil, neutral smeal and I'm very happywith  price and quality ratio. 

2.  NIVEA micellar water
When we are atlking about  face care, in march I tryed Nivea micellar water that is recently in a new packaging. It comes in a 400 ml package and contains almond oil, but not as much as the oil in Garnier that I used in the previous months. Since I use other oils and other oily products since March, I decided to make a small change with oily micellar, so this Nivea came in the right moment. There are different types - for sensitive, normal and dry skin. Yes, of course I use the one for dry skin :) It helps me, cleans even better than the previous ones I used. Yet, with it I can't  get rid of the absolute traces of the mascara at  the first move, but for me it's better than ok. It doesn't peck nor  dry my face, which is very important to me when we are talking about face care and  about mycellar water, so I'm finally returned at Nivea and I'm very happy with that move.

3. KIEL'S ulje za revitalizaciju lica 
For starter, I couldnt wait to try out Kiehl's products. Since I first heard about Creme de Corps for a couple of years now, I waited for that moment  when  Kiehl's products will be would be easily accessible  in Croatia. Thank you Mawri for bringing us a lot of products and this wonderful oil. I'm a fan of oil, I think oil is the most commonly mentioned word in this post, and we're just in number 3 heheh, but I'm in love with oils. This is made up of the roots of ginger, sunflower and tamanu oil, which I first heard when I read about  the  composition of this product. This oil comes in a pack of 50 ml, with a pump I adore on the products. I use it by dropping a few drops on my hand and then putting it with the circular movements on  face, ie from the lower face parts towards the upper parts. A few drops (3-4) are enough for the whole area of ​​the face, so I really think this product will last for a long time, considering the price, tese are  lucky news. I've heard that some people use this product  as a primer before  makeup, but I use it usually after I get home from work and pick up makeup or if that is in the evening, before bedtime. I mentioned in the video that I love when brends give testers to their customer, so with Kiehl's is doing that too. I  tried the night oil which is also perfect for me and if you are an oil fan, consider what is more useful to you - daily or night oil. Also, I finally tried their avocado cream for under the eye area that I heard so many positive comments about, so I will emphasize here that  I am now one of the fans too. I do not have to say that I keep this tester as gold and I already see that cream at the favorites list, and I cant wait to see their shop  in Rijeka.



Since my make-up is actually no-make up make up, highlighter and not in my everyday make up  but when I use it  then these are my two favorites. Catrice high glow mineral highlighting in stone comes in a rounded bowl and provides a subtle glow to the face. Of course, if more product is  applied, the effect of gloss is enhanced, but even with a small amount of application the face gets a fresh and shiny look, so this is the perfect product for my daily needs.
When I decide that I want a brighter  look, than I grab NYX born to glow highlight. Even at first use I realized this is a product that leaves a wonderful glossy trace that is all the opposite of subtle :) But yes, sometimes I want that glow. That is why this is the perfect product when I decide I want make up for some party and  going  out. This product can also be used as a  primer or just  for certain parts of the face and I really hope that if you are looking for your perfect highlighter, these suggestions will help you decide. If you have not  known yet, in Rijeka you can buy NYX products at Diviana Store.

6. ESSENCE eyebrow pencil
I always love thickly eyebrows, as naturally as possible  and then my Mawri - beauty consultant, suggested me Essence's eyebrow pencil. Great pencil for my daily needs, a wonderful texture and a pencil that also has a toothbrush on top, so it's an ideal package for me. The picture is missing in the gallery and that inspired me for make swatches for next beauty post, so  if this product interests you, click here and find out more.

7. GOLDEN ROSE olovka za usta
I've already talked and wrote about the Golden Rose lipstick that are my favorites with the Color Pop lipsticks  when we talk about liquid lipsticks. Of course, the game is continued and I am in  a constant search for matte  liquid lipstick that leave a trace, but without the result of drying the lips. The latest favorite when we talk about the lips is the lipstick pencil in the number 521, which I can not find on the net to show you, so this certainly encouraged me to make  swatches for the following beauty  favorites post. This color is like all my favorite lipsticks with the combination off nude, pink and  lilac so that the perfect base for all the current lipsticks I use, but also because of the wonderful, soft texture that is ideal on my lips.


8. L'OCCITANE krema za ruke
I have several favorites when I talk about hand creams  and this L'Occitane cream  is one of them. Apart  the delightful smell of almond, this cream really absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft. I love to use this cream in the  autumn - spring periods  when my skin is softer by itself than its  during winter, so with this almond cream I get  the softest skin of my hand. It consists of almond milk and oil and although it comes in a smaller pack of 30 ml, it is often surprise how long I  can use it. L'Occitane is also one of the brands that makes  customers happy with the testers, so last time I got a little pack of their almond shower oil that is omg and is now at the top of the wish list when I talk about shampoos. It has a  wonderful smell and  it really leaves the body skin silky so that after I use the products I currently use,  this will be found quickly on the favoties list.

Okay, if you're still reading, thank you. And if I mention oil again, that's because I'm really a big fan of oil. Since I have dry body skin, face and dry hair texture, that  is probably the cause of this worship. If there are more special ones, like me, let me know, it will be easier for us. If you do not have dry hair, but you really love  oils and want to try new wonderful products, I would certainly recommend it to you. The product can be purchased in hair salons who are in collaboration with L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL, so first you can  check  where is the nearest  located to you. There are several types of these hair oils and all current types come in a 100 ml package. I sue it after drying my hair, when my hair is wet,  after all the day wjen I  want to feed it, as a mask before washing, really  in all possible situations. With regular hair care and hair cut (note for myself) I really think this product can only help. Also, it is important to say  that it does not grease, so it does not leave any trace of greasy hair, but for me that is in the most of the time when I use natural oils. I had greasy hair only when I used  some semi-finished products. Anyway, I think this product can really last for a long time, so if you're looking for oils, this would certainly be one of my recommendations.

10. AFRODITA hand soap 
 While it may not fall into this beauty category, until I create a category on a blog where there will be all home products, here in the end, I will use the opportunity and briefly tell you how much the aroma of this Afrodita soap is wonderful. I was already talking about their Jojoba body shampoo which is,  with their argan shampoo  one of my favorite. And then I accidentally saw this miracle for  hands. I used it a lot. It comes in a 300 ml package, contains argan oil and is intended for dry skin. Of course it is my favorite and I really hope that with all these products I will quickly  become someone who no longer has dry skin hahah.
Until then, enjoy in  video and products. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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