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Where to eat in Istria? Konoba Valter Kolinasi

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Where to eat in Istria? Konoba Valter Kolinasi

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During our one day Istrian trip we decided to have a lunch break near Hum, the smallest town in the world. 
Just at the entrance to Glagolitic Alley, there is Konoba Valter Kolinasi surrounded with the beautiful landscape.
It is decorated in  Istrian style, interior is in the combination of stone and wood,
on the tables they put traditional red-white table cover
and the gastronomic offer is based on traditional homemade Istrian cuisine.
Outside the restaurant there is a big courtyard where kids can play while you are waiting the delicious food. 
First, we tryed famous  Istrian minestrone - bobići  that warmed us since that was a very rainy day. 
Then we ordered another great Istrian dish - fuži - Istrian pasta. Kiki love fuži with venison goulash and I love it with truffles. 
Fuži were amazing. They also bring us their warm homamde bread and one of the best mixed salads we tried. 
For dessert we had apple apple strudel and fritule -  one of the simple Istrian desserts. 
We had a great time in Konoba Valter Kolinasi and that was a perfect way to end our Istrian trip. 
See you Istria, we are looking forward to be back soon.

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