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Favorite coffee with the view - Vintage bar


Favorite coffee with the view - Vintage bar

My favorite coffee is with the view and in Rijeka there is beautiful Vintage bar.

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The Vintage Bar is one of my favorite cafes in Rijeka.
First of all because it is located on Trsat, a part of Rijeka where I grew up.
The place where  Kiki and I went for one of our first  coffee so that it is already a big emotional connection with this wonderful cafe. First kisses, first concerts and one of the potential place  for our wedding. The place where we enjoyed the first  happy silence moment. These moments as we watched the sun set over Učka and the sky above Rijeka became redder, brighter as the moon and the stars were waiting for their moment. The place where we made our first youtube video, the place where I made  first #hadokasheart in Rijeka and place that were on our invitation. Instagram photogenic site, I would say.
And apart from the wonderful view, the interior is also their adut. It is decorated in vintage style, with central circular stairs around which they created  several intimate corners.  Large, comfortable chairs, candles, photos of past times and legends like they are remindong  you how fast life passes and so while you have the opportunity, you have  to take advantage of all the possibilities. Romantic scent for winter coffee, hot chocolate and warm hugs. You will find out about winter releases here when winter will come to us. 
And in summer months there is a show with the 1000 candles and than the Vintage Bar becomes even more romantic. Yes, it is possible. This  place i brings me many memories back, and that is a way I am. It is important for me to have a place with soul and memories. And then that place becomes my favorite.
Of all  coffee bars I love the most those that include wonderful views. The place where you breathe with the  world. The place where all these beautiful views, panoramas, landscapes, sea distances take your breath away. Places where you understand how much you can be grateful that you have the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful places. With your own thoughts or while enjoying  with your friends you enjoy remembering all your memories. There are few places where I feel so free and I enjoy drinking coffee even by myself. The vintage bar is one of those places. Because of the soul, because of the atmosphere, because of the fine Illy coffee and the beautiful view of Rijeka. My River. Our Rijeka. And if you come here, that can be your Rijeka too. 

1.WHERE: Trsat Castle, Petra Zrinskog street (without n.)
3.FAVORITE: Illy coffee
4.FAVORITE TIME TO COME: Early morning or time before sunset
5.PRICE: Drinks that fits everyone's budget. From espresso to cocktails

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