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Goranski nadjev - Croatian bread for Easter- hadoka's way


Goranski nadjev - Croatian bread for Easter- hadoka's way

Goranski nadjev is a bread that Croatians/Croats make for Easter. The recipe is from Gorski Kotar, a continental part of Croatia. My grandma Marija taught me how to make it. Thank you grandma, love you.

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Gorski nadjev or Goranski mince is traditionally stored in dry pork stomach
and its not baked, it's cooked.Over the past years I mixed that original recipe
and made this one. So in this recipe you don't need a dry pork stomach.
And if you wanna make original recipe let me know so I'll send you that recipe in english.
This bread is everthing I love about Easter and Easter breakfast. 
If you love eggs, ham, green onions and bacon you'll fell in love with this recipe too.

What you need: 
1. One and a half big, white bread
2. 12 eggs
3. 150 g bacon
4. 250 g ham
5. 3-4 green onions 
6. one glass of milk



goranski kruh -goranski nadjev na hadoka način.jpggoranski kruh - goranski nadjev .jpg

1. Cut bread into cubes, put them in a large pot and pour it with one glass of milk.
2. Cut green onions, put them aside and than cut into cubes ham and bacon. 
3. In another pot mix 12 whole eggs. 
4. Than pour bread first with a half mix of eggs, than put inside that ham, bacon and green onions.
5. At the end put the rest of eggs and leave all of that to stand for at least 20 minutes. 
6. Than heat the oven at 200 °C - 290 F, put baking paper and make two loaf. Bake for 50 minutes and than enjoy!

Boun appetite! Happy Easter!

gorasnki kruh-goranski nadjev na hadoka način.JPG

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