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Healthy oatmeal pizza recipe


Healthy oatmeal pizza recipe

I love pizza a lot and I was so happy when few years ago I discovered that pizza can be healthy too.

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I was so happy when I discovered that I can make healthy pizza and enjoy. So I didn't know that I can make pizza with
a dough made of  oatmeal, cauliflower or other healthy ingredients. I tried a lot recipes for healthy pizza and this one is my favorite. 
And yes, of course the taste is not like pizza dough but it's delicius and in that way I know I can enjoy in pizza more often. 

If you wanna try it, here's my recipe. 

hadoka pizza.jpg

1. 15 tsp oatmeal or/and oatmeal bran flour (blend in mixer)
2. 1,5 dcl of water
3. Spices you love (in oatmeal dough I put cumin, oregano and  garlic powder)
4. Olive oil or/and peperoncino oil 
5. Your favorites for topping

healthy pizza recipe.jpg

1. In a large pot put oatmeal flour, add 1,5 dcl of water, spices you love and your favorite oil. 
2. Leave it like that for about 10 -15 minutes. 
3. With your hands make a round dough and put it on a baking/pan paper.
4. Bake in a owen for 15 minutes at 365 F.
5. Then  put your favorite topping on it.  My favorite healthy pizza is with mozzarella,  zucchini and tomato salsa 
and this time I tried Majuka homamade salsa from Manufaktura that was so delicious. 
6. When you put everything you want on pizza, put it in the owen and bake for another 30 minutes at 365 F. 

I think this recipe can help all of us who want to eat healthy but sometimes we want cravings and with this recipe we can make pizza without too many calories.

I hope you'll enjoy in this recipe and if you have any tips let me know.
I wish you bon appetit. 

healthy pizzaa.jpg

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