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How to create  an impressive party plate - cheese and salami platter


How to create an impressive party plate - cheese and salami platter

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Creating a cheese and salami board is one of my most favorite things to do in the
world, because that means, for a start, that  we are celebrating something and
we will enjoy in the most delicious food.
Food boards  always look  fun, delicious and  impressive. 
Over the years I made some progress in creating them and I think I finally found
the most beautiful way to build them. Combination of salami, cheese and friut for me is just perfect. 
Usually most  boards I create are made for  about 10 people and I always take  an amount of 10 dkg per person,
but you can easily adjust the amount for your appetite. 
Below you can read my tips and ingredients for  those beuatiful  cheese and salami boards.

hadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 1.jpghadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 2.jpg


Ingredients I used: 
1. 4 types of cheese: mozzarella, homemade cream cheese, and two types of hard cheese
(one from Lika and one from island Pag) 
2. Different types of salami (I described below)
3. Friuts and almonds 
4. Olives and pinckles 

Now, creativity time can start!

hadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 3.jpghadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 4.jpg

How to create: 

1. Start with the place where you want to put your food boards.
    If you choose a table then first  put your favorite table cover on it. 

2. Pick up your favorite surface. This time I used  different types of wood boards 
    and you can choose your favorite boards made of ceramics or my favorite ones - marble boards. 

3. Think what you want to see at the end and think twice about a composition of taste and color. 
    The best way to create a perfect combination is to put everything you have near you and when you
     see all the colours and textures that will help you to make it easier to decide. 

4. This time I started with fruits. I started this fun  game with putting grapes on all of my boards. 
     I had the white-green grapes and the red ones so even that was only a strat of my creating time, 
      it was a very colourful time. 

5. Then I started with salami. I had ham, dried meat (that we call buđola), prosciutto, salami and salami with truffles. 
     I chose the boards on which I put one type of salami and on the bigger boards,  I put two or max three diferent types. 
     My favorite way for putting salami on the board is "meat flowers" but of course you will see wich way is the best for you. 
     I left some place on the boards for cheese so I can arrange them around the salami.
     And also, I chose  two boards on which I deciced to put only cheese, grapes and homemade bread. 

6. After salami, I continued  with thecheeseprocess. I had two types of hard cheese and  mozzarella and cream cheese.
   On the boards I put hard cheese first  and into small containers I put mozzarella and cream cheese so they can remain fresh.

7. Now you can certainly see a success. At the end you can add  extras, like crackers, nuts, almonds or other fruits. 
     I made a room for my homemade, unleavened bread and I put almonds on every free part on the boards
     that remained empty. Also, in the  small containers I put green, black and amazing kalamata olives and pickles,
     to give some  freshness to our boards. 

      And voilà, 
      amazing plates are on the table and and they are ready for tasting. 

      Bon Appétit!

hadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 5.jpghadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 6.jpghadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 7.jpghadoka-party-plate-cheese-salami-platter 8.jpg

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