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Inspiration in November


Inspiration in November

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1. If you love books then from 7th till 12th you can check Interliber, 40th International book and teaching appliances fair  in Zagreb. 
2. Cold days are coming fast and they will be perfect with  pleated leather midi skirt and oversized sweaters.
3. If you love Lego you can play a game with airbnb and win a night in this amazing Lego house in Denmark. 
4. This past week Apple released for sale beautiful new Iphone X and what I love the most is that phone is  entirely screen. 
5. Amazing "Life is a road trip" book from axelandash that we can order from Australia here
6. Have you ever had a dream about vacation with a treehouse? If you had, now you can inspire yourself with this post, book the treehouse here  and come to Croatia. 
7. Christopher Bailey, Burberry's president and chief creative, is leaving the brand after 17 years. Here you can see how Christopher Bailey reimagined Burberry's iconic trench coat. My all time favorite fashion show was spring summer 2014fashion show and that outfit on the 7th photo.
8. Its that time of the year when we can start buying advent calendars and this one from Kiehls is very high on my list. 
9. And soon we ll all be in that "new year, new me" mood so maybe now is the perfect time to  buy a 2018 planner.
I think that with this one we can design the live we love and all our plans can come true. 

Thank you for reading. 


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