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Links for love in May


Links for love in May

This week I found these lovely links. I hope they will inspire you too. Enjoy in weekend.

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1. I am dreaming about this floral tunnel in Zagreb and cant wait for  similar ideas for our tunnel in Rijeka that opened for public few days ago. 
2. Since I found Anas work few years ago I love to see whats new in her webshop. And  I love love  this white gold holder. 
3. Same love is with beautiful Bellabeat devices and I immediately fell in love with these bracelets. My favorite is silver girl boss. 
4. Few years ago I bought my first red Nohaa bag and since then I am thinking wich one can be next and finally I decided
wich one will it be. 
5. With these Fujifilm polaroid cameras I have adore - maahh dont need relationship for sooo long, but I think if my heart shakes every time I see them, that is love. And especially when I see photos like this
6. I cant wait to read this book that was soo long on my book wishlist. I am thinking about idea of writing about my favorite books on blog so let me know what you think about that. 
7. Newwww Yorkkk and this beautiful Lewis Millers floral idea for streetstyle. Can you imagine your city with floral bouquets like this
8. Summer is near and for me that also means coconut scent everywhere. 
9. I love mandala art sooo much so  I was so happy when I first saw this amazing quiz. Depending your state of mind and life period these explanations about mandala you chose  can inspire you and help you through. I will be back at that link very soon. Hope that will inspire you too. 

Thank you for reading. 
Love, Hana 

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