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Links of love in May


Links of love in May

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1. I love moroccan style and thishotel in Marrakech is on the top of my Morooco wish list. 
2. This summer kimono will be our best friend and this one  is my favorite so far. 
3. Do you have something similar like this list of experiences we can do before 30. My favorite is definitely Machu Picchu and yours? 
4. I love beauty tips from video that Ivana Pirizovich made. Have you already try some of her favorite products? 
5. Zorya is a new croatian beauty brand and I am so happy to see how someone's dreams come true. Good luck Ivana
6. This type of hat is my favorite summer accessory. 
7. And those shoes have everything I love about shoes. Block heel, colours and a bow.
8. 5 buro 24/7 fashion trends for this summer and this beautiful dress. 
9. Those 7 travel beauty essentials I will definitely put on my travel beauty list for next time.

Thank you for reading.
I wish you a great week.  


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