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Michael Kors summer bags 2017


Michael Kors summer bags 2017

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My first designer bag and watch were Michael Kors. I love his brend,  his lifestory and brand making that  is very inspiring.   
When I first saw model Jet Set Travel Large with saffiano leather and  top-zip  (similar medium here ) I knew that bag will be the perfect bag for me. For going to work, travel and when I want to put everything inside just like Sport Billy.
For this summer 2017 Michael Kors  gave us all colorful options for  summer bags and I immediately fall in love. 
I  love mini bags  and  with colorful flowers they made the perfect bags for summer.


1. Ava Extra-Small Crystal-Embellished Leather Crossbody 
2.Floral Appliqué Leather Handbag Strap
3. Sloan Large Crochet Floral Appliqué Shoulder Bag
4. Mercer Large Floral Patchwork Leather Tote
5. My favorite
6. Mercer Large Leather Tote
7.  Mercer Crystal-Embellished 
8.  Sloan Large Floral Appliqué Shoulder Bag
9.  Sloan orange flowers editor small

In Croatia you can shop Michael Kors in XYZ shops and in Rijeka you can check Core shop in Tower center. 

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