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My 28th bday

Weekend camera roll

My 28th bday

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This past weekend, on friday, November 10th I celebrated my 28th bday. 
I love celebrations, mostly because that meens we are all together and of course
we are surrounded with all delicious food.
I love to celebrate birthdays, because thats one of those days when all my friends 
to Rijeka.  Because we do not live in the same town and becaues we all rush through life
I am always so happy when we spend at least that day all together. 

I didnt wrote in this weekend camera roll topic too long, so
I am back with 5 favorite pictures from my  birthday weekend. 

1. OOTD - Dress is from H&M

hadoka 28 bday 2.jpg

2. BIRTHDAY CAKE - simillar kinder cake here


3. FOOD 

hadoka 28 bday1.jpg

4. MY GIRLS <3

hadoka 28bday.jpghadoka 28 bday 3.jpg

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