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My bachelorette in Foli, Istra- Croatia


My bachelorette in Foli, Istra- Croatia

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A week of happy tears began in Istria.
Yes, I cried a lot that whole week. Incredible love and happiness.
The  morning after my eyes were sooo swollen that I looked like a bumblebee. But, very happy bumblebee.
Before  wedding there is a special happiness in your head. In everyone's head. 
Whether you are getting married or going to someone's wedding, a special atmosphere of happienss and love is in the air.
And you will be happy no matter how you choose to celebrate. Whatever you imagine you will enjoy and be happy.
When I remember that period and that weekend  my eyes are full of happy tears again.
I was surrounded with  my  best friends, the sun went up and the water in the pool was warm enough.
We were surrounded by delicious food, we had enough oranges for Aperol Spritz and a lot of memories with secret photos of course. 
The cake  was hidden until midnight and in the village nobody was bothered with our loud music, talk and laught.
 I am so happy when I remember all these wonderful moments and I am writing this to save that happy time forever.
 I  always imagined  my bachelorette party as my birthday celebration in the spring time and that weekend was exactly as I imagined.
And yes, even better than that.

What you imagine is real. So if you are next bride to be or you are someone who wants to throw a bachelorette partty for someone, first imagine what woud be perfect for you, for her. Then talk. A lot. So everyone inside your group could know what are plans, wishlist and best ideas. 

I always dreamed of a bachelorette party near pool on a spring sunny day surrounded with my best friends.
I knew it won't be easy to organize us all but in the end only few of them couldn't come but at least first time soo farrrr
they all came on our weeding day. And I was soo happy that all of them could come even some of them don't live near and some of them are working through all weekend. But yes, they gave their best and all heart. 
So after a lot of calls and emails ( literally I knew every house for rent in and around Rijeka at that time hahha) friend of a friend gave us a phone number that saved us all. And when he answered I knew that house is for us. He spoke with Istrian accent just like Kiki's father so that was a first happy sign. And when we came first time he was sooo kind, so friendly and openminded with every idea we had. And knowing what kind of experiences he had in the past with all that  pool parties that's a lot. He was the perfect owner and host. 

In the beautiful Croatia's region Istria there is a small village named Foli. It's in the center of Istria so from there you can easily explore this largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and go to Pula, Brijuni, Poreč, Rovinj, Motovun ... 

Weekend before our wedding Kiki and I celebrated 6th relationship anniversary and that was a last weekend Dorčić was my lastname. Even now that's sound incredible. That was in May so the weather was sunny, not too hot but still warm enough to jump into the pool.

We all came from Rijeka with cars. Some girls came there earlier to prepare balloons, drinks and some of the bachelorette decorations.
Thank you soooo much for everything. The cake and that crown was everything. Thank you for hugs, gifts and love. I will remember this always.

We stayed there for two days. We had BBQ in the garden and next day we went to Agritourism Ferlin for recovery lunch. The food there was perfect. Fuži and truffles would be my recommendation to you. 

Thank you all for love. I couldn't say "I do" without you. 
And for all of you brides to be...Keep calm and get your bachelorette on.

Love, Hana 

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