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My instagram husband


My instagram husband

Thank you Kiki

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My Kiki is  the best instagram husband and he was that even before Instagram became Instagram.
After all these years I want to tell him #thankyou. I love you so much

1.Thank you for being patient every time I want to save our memories on the photos. Yes, I know we already have a thousand memories, but thank you for your patience when I am thinking  about another thousand.
2. Thank you for waiting  after the waiters brought us food and/or drinks so I can take a photos of it and yes, I am doing that  as quick  as possible I can,  so after that we can enjoy each and every grizzle and sip. Isnt iit sweeter that way?
3. Thank you for knowing that traveling, holidays, one-day trips or even when we are  going to a grocery store  actually can become a photo session marathon. It might be better to say that are  unlimited and unexpected opportunities for thousands and thousands of wonderful pictures. And thank you for patience you have and knowing that as soon as the picture becomes top we can enjoy in  those wonderful moments that Instagram doesnt know.
4.Thank you for defending me when others think I'm exaggerating,  for asking me how I want the picture to drop, thank you for agreeing to replay the scene, thank you for knowing thats a part of what I am creating and thank you for all these years when I wasnt a blogger. After all, today finally I can say that when someone asks. And, yes, that's why I shoot a lot. 
5.Thank you for standing near, above, below  and sometimes for  run with me in a search of that perfect moment. Thank you  for keeping  all the props,  overwhelming the feeling of shame or discomfort. (Let's remember the first pictures with selfie stlick hahah and yes, I guess it's time and that  we are ready for the next stage. And dron. 
6. Thank you for having patience to wait in front of the shops when I am going to a store  just for a couple of minutes. Never happened for just a couple of minutes, I know. Thank you for taking some time when you really need to join me in these same shops, even though  you might be the only man inside. Thanks for carrying all my shopping  bags and thank you for your  shadow behind every outfit post. Its my favorit  accessory.
7. Thank you for knowing which image is better than the other, although we agree that the differences are actually difficult to find. But thanks for knowing  they are not all the same and for knowing how to pick the best.  Even when  that one is so often the first of 300. But we still go for those 300 just to be sure, right?
8. Thank you that for you  it became normal that  having  breakfast in the bed sometimes include picture too. As well as carrying plates and cups on perhaps unexpected places. Also when we  cook together, thank you for swirling dough, sauces and other things while I instgraming them. Thank you that for you making photos of  flowers, books, street, buildings, cosmetics, clothing, shoes and Rocky (you name it) is sweet and funny. OK, more funny than sweet. But still.
9. Thanks for always adjusting the best light and creating the best contrast.You are definitely my best assistant of hairstyle, makeup and  design. With all that, you have a title for  best motivator and the most trusted fan.
10. Thank you for looking at me in the way I know when  its enough. Thanks for keeping me humble and for hugs that makes me forget on everything else but us. But thank you the most for celebrating with me every thousand as if it was yours, with the same passion  as you celebrate handball goals, PS successes and the fact Rijeka will finally become a champion.

Happy 8th anniversary.
Love you a lot. 



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