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Oopsie-Cloudy-Carb free-Dukan bread


Oopsie-Cloudy-Carb free-Dukan bread

I love food, trying new recipes, cooking and eating. But over the past years I had too many cheat days with food. To be honest I had a cheat day every day haha. So one day I decided to change that.

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First, let' think about bread.

That hot, straight from the oven, bread.  

And the smell of it and that sound when you carve slice of bread.

For me bread was everything and I eat it with everything. Like pasta, but we'll get there.

Then I noticed I have to do something with my eating lifestyle and  I started looking around the internet for some healthy recipes. 

And there it was. Oopsie bread? 

Ok, that's not a real bread. BUT, big but. I needed something to be a part of sandwich, tapas and poached eggs. 

So I tryed that recipe and fell in love. I decided to eat that kind of bread when I want to eat something that need that under part. 

And for weekdays I started  eating that  instead of rolls, pastry or baguette. 

I think this recipe will help anyone that wants to eat healthy so here is a recipe that is so easy to make.

And there are always weekend to enjoy in bread from the start of this article.

Bon appetite! 

oopsie dukan carb free lchf.jpg

You'll need: 

1. 3 eggs 

2. 150 g cream cheese (Pilos or Philadelfhia)

3. 1 teaspoon baking powder

You can make them with salty or sweet with some healthy sugar like stevia. 

You can also put different kinds of seeds on them  (like sunflower seeds, sesame or kim).



1. First separate the eggs - put egg whites in one bowl and the egg yolks in another.

2. Then whip the egg whites in the way that you can  turn the bowl over without the egg whites moving :) 

3. Mix the egg yolks  together with  the cream cheese and  baking powder.

4. Then put bit by bit  egg whites into the egg yolks mix.

5. When you mixed that together - with the spoon make clouds of that mix and put them on a baking tray. You can choose the shape of it in the way you love more, so you can make small or bigger clouds  or  swiss roll too.

6. Bake in  the oven at 170° C (338° F) for about 25 minutes and after that...

7.  Enjoy.

oopsie.jpgoopsie 3.jpgoopsiecloudy 1.jpg

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