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Our wedding invitation and guest gift


Our wedding invitation and guest gift

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Like everybody, for our wedding invitation we wanted something orinigal, something that says Hana and Kristijan are getting married...
Something with our story on it. 
Through Pinterest I found soo many beautiful ideas and all those with personal maps were always my favorite. 
I draw our map of love with Rijeka, our hometown and Omišalj and Malinska on island Krk and since we love to travel I imagine our invitation like a postcard.  After that  we started looking for someone who can help us with prints  and web design. 
 Since we didnt't know anybody close that's a web designer
(and if you do have that will help you a lot with your ideas) we we were looking, believing and
looking and then we found Lea from Kombinat
I know that all of that  was a destiny and today, looking back it almost seems impossible that with one
drawing and one wish all that came up.  
Thank you Lea so much for your work, love  and support.

For guest gifts we were looking for something that is connected with our weeding theme and something that will stay together
with our guests for some time after the wedding. Since we were getting married on island Krk, 
our first thought were olives, olive trees and olive oil. 
We started a web search for bottles and after some links we found those beuatiful heart shaped bottles 
and they were perfect for us and for olive oil. 
They were all so kind and helpful and bottles happily came in Rijeka just in time. 
Thank you Bumbar so much. 

Like a sign on our bottle always spice your love. 
I hope this inspires you and thank you for reading. 
Love, Hana 


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