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Oversized biker jacket in november


Oversized biker jacket in november

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Two years ago I bought this amazing oversized biker jacket in C&A while there was a summer sale.
Can you imagine me in the warm august tryin on this jacket that
is perfect for rainy and cold days in Rijeka.
I fell in love with a large collar, diagonal zip down the front and zipped front pockets.
We took a fast, but happy, photo session while we were visiting a bear refuge in Kuterevo, Lika, 
so below you can see how I put together one of my favorite autumn outfit. 
Enjoy autumn and tell me which jacket is your favorite one  for this season.

Outfit details are at the end of this article.

outfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 2.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 10.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 1.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 11.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 12.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 13.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 14.jpgoutfit-november-oversized-biker- jacket-hadoka 16.jpg

Jacket: C&A
Dress: Trgovina Paprika Senj

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