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Palazzo Angelica - beautiful villa in Istria


Palazzo Angelica - beautiful villa in Istria

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Palazoo Angelica was our home for one weekend in October.
This villa –hotel have all facilities you want to have
while you are discovering the gorgeous lands of Istria.
Even though that weekend was rainy and vaguely,
we knew itwill be worth our coming.
First youll  see its amazing area. Beautiful exterior and  the main building built in 19 th century.
There is a beautiful swimmimng pool and large terrace that sweep around the Villa 
and a great view on the town of Oprtalj and surroundig hills


Palazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 5.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 1.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 2.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 3.jpg

The interior is amazing too.
We stayed on the first floor in a room with the view on the surroundig
hills and named after the town of Motovun.
The room was clean, comfortable and it was perfect for relaxing.

Palazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 14.jpg

On the ground desk there is welcome desk and David,
the house manager who was extremely helpful.
There is also  dining area and kitchen where we had a delicious breakfast
and David cooked for us.  The best french omlet we ever tried.
He told us where is the best place for dinner and what can we explore near Oprtalj.
Thank you David for everything.

Palazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 4.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 13.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 10.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 12.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 11.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 9.jpg

In the Villas lower floor, in front of their garden and a hill view,
there is a spa area and relaxing room with a fireplace.
In the spa area there are whirpool, turkish bath and finnish sauna. 
You can book your private time there and that is a great place to relax and chill
after all day full of walkings and/or riding a bike.

Palazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 15.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 6.jpgPalazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 7.jpg

Palazzo Angelica was great for our weekend getaway.
Oprtalj has our hearts and we are looking  forward
to returning back as soon as possible.
Thank you so much Palazzo Angelica

Palazzo Angelica vila Istra hadoka 5.jpg

What we also did that weekend you can check in my other posts:
1. We visited Zigante truffle days snce I love truffles so much and I am happy that Kiki likes them more than before. Salami with truffles helped:) 
2. We explored Oprtalj and had photosseion with cypresses
3. We had amazing dinner in Konoba Oprtalj. Homemade tagliatelle with truffles and fiorentina steak.
4. We enjoyed in Motovun and colourful Grožnjan. 
5. We went to Kotle and Hum and had delicious Istrian lunch in Kolinasi, Roč. 

Thank you for reading
and come to enjoy in Istria.

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