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This weekend we decided to try this recipe for quiche, that's perfect for spring.

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We love quiche, but we've never tryed recipes for quiche at home. When we were in France, one of the dishes we couldn't  wait to try was Quiche Lorraine and we knew we would love it since we love eggs, bacon and dough.

Quiche Lorraine could be described as a pile of eggs, cheese and bacon with a thin dough.
The name comes from the French word  quiche and the translation is a flat open pie with mix of eggs. The most famous recipe comes from the province of Alsace Lorraine in northeastern France (yes, that's that beautiful, colourful and floral province ) where they traditionally serve quiche for the first of May. Since  next weekend is May 1  this was a great opportunity for our trial.

The dough for quiche is easy to prepare and all the other food you have and you like (spinach, zucchini, mushrooms ...) can be added in the filling as well, so I think this recipe can be customized according to your wishes. Turn on the music and  prepare this delicious and fast lunch with us. And thanks to aunt Tonica for our first cookbook, we love you a lot.

You will need:
For the crunchy dough (which we did for the first time and we'll kept this recipe with us because it was successful):
- 300 g of smooth white flour
- 150 g of room temperature butter cut into cubes
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 1 dcl of water (which you add gradually)

For filling :
- 4 eggs
- 20 dag of sour cream
- 20 dcl milk 2.8%
- bacon (the more the better) 
- 3 spring (green) onions
- 15 dag gouda cheese
- spices you love (We love pepper so it was our main spice,
and since cheese and bacon are quite salty, we haven't added more salt.)


1. In a large bowl, mix the flour and salt and then add the cut butter and gradually pour water. Mix all the ingredients together for about 4-5 minutes. After the first minutes the aim will look like smashed cookies, as you can see in the picture above so keep up and  form the pastry in the ball for the last few minutes. You can put the ball in a transparent foil or bag and put it in a freezer or a fridge to wait for a better days and if you want to continue the recipe  then go to the next step: roll up the dough. We put the dough on the surface we always use for that job, we added more  flour to it and start rolling the dough. And that part goes very easily. As for the thickness of the dough, you will see the amount of circle you need for the pot of 28 cm (11 inch), so then you'll see how thick the dough has to be. We read that some put dough directly on the baking paper and some put  the dough in a greasy bowl, but we decided to put the baking paper in the bowl first and  after that we shaped the dough on the edges and than  we cut off paper  that was outside of the bowl. With the fork, we stabbed the dough in the bowl and we put it in the fridge for about half an hour.

2. As the dough cooled in the fridge, we fryed the bacon  then squeezed the cheese and we sliced ​​the spring (green) onion. In a large bowl we mixed 4 eggs, 20 dl of milk and 20 oz of sour cream. Then we added half the cheese and all onions in the  bowl. After half an hour we took out a dough from the fridge, put fryed bacon first  and poured the whole mixt into the bowl (you can see it in the picture above as well as Kiki's hands hehe). Before we put the quiche in the oven, we put the remaining cheese on the top. Then we already were happy because quiche looked and smelled fine.

3. We baked quiche at 180 C  (350 F) for 50 minutes and after that we enjoyed in wonderful flavor.

We hope you'll too,  
Bon appetite!


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