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Quick and easy recipe for minestrone from Istria, Croatia


Quick and easy recipe for minestrone from Istria, Croatia

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During our last trip to Istria, we found more inspiration for the minestrone that will heat us this cold  winter.
Today, therefore, I bring this quick and simple recipe for preparing one of our favorite dishes with a spoon.
The food that makes every rainy day special and brings us back to  beautiful Istria. with its scent and taste. 
I hope you will enjoy in our Instrian minestrone too. 


INGREDIENTS you will need:
1. 3 carrots (medium size)
2. 2 cans of chickpeas
3. 1 can  of mixed beans
4. 1 can of red beans
5. 1 can of  corn
6. 1/2 pork and 1/2 sausage with truffle - I used this one
7. 2 cloves of garlic
8. 2 dcl salsa
 9. Spices - Kotany chili with sea salt, shallot, salt and pepper

hadoka-brza maneštra.JPG

1. The original recipe for the Istrian minestrone contains the bones of prosciutto ans a stew that is prepared from bacon, garlic and parsley leaves in a way that you all hack them  together until they become spotted. If you are not able to make or buy your own stew, then you can start preparing without it or you can make a modified version of it. This time I used two spoons of homemade fat, parsley and garlic. If you dont have that you can use oil and garlic. 

hadoka-brza maneštra 1.JPG

2. First, I put that in a bigger pot, heated in the middle temeperature  and after a minute I put  sliced ​​sausage and sausage with truffle to seal. At that very moment, the whole house will start to smell amazingly. (If  you are a fan of such scents, then this certainly would be an ideal moment to open the windows wide.) After a short stirring, I put chopped carrots inside and left it all for a few minutes. After that, I poured about 3 dcl  of water and left the water running out. As the water swirled, I washed all the ingredients that were in the cans and put the chickpeas and the beans first in the bowl. It is important that all the ingredients are  covered  and until the boil is cooked for the next half hour, check every 10 minutes for the water to evaporate. If it is, put it in addition everything is  covered with the water.


hadoka-brza maneštra2.JPG

3. After half an hour of cooking and mixing  entire minestrone every 10 minutes, add corn and 2 dcl tomato  sauce and cook for a few more minutes. Also, this is an ideal time to spice it  up and this time I used salt, pepper, Kotany chili sea salt and shallot.

4. In the end, pour 3 heavy dumbbells into a special bowl and mix the whole amount with a mixer and then pour the thick mixture back into the pot.

6. This minestrone we always cook in a large quantity because it serves us  to put it in the freezer and we are ready to welcome those lazy, cold days. For this reason, I do not fill potatoes or barbs when cooking it, but if we want to enrich minestrone, then we boil the barley or potatoes in a special poz until minestrone is cooked.

hadoka-brza maneštra 4.JPG

If you have any questions or advices please feel free to contact me.

Thanks a lot for reading,
I wish you wonderful moments with this minestrone in the cold winter days.

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