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Road trip from Porto to Lisbon - Peniche


Road trip from Porto to Lisbon - Peniche

Of course I was sleeping while our friend was driving us from Porto to Lisbon. They decided to take a break and they fortuitously stopped in Peniche. Suddenly they woke me up in this beautiful place that wasn't on our trip plan.

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Two and a half hours from Porto we found  Peniche.  

Peniche is a seaside town known for it's long sand beaches and one of the best surfing locations in Europe. We didn't know that back in the 2010 when we planned our trip from Porto to Lisbon.

So we were so happy when we saw long sand beach and Atlantic Ocean in front of us.  What an amazing break. 
Sand beaches are our all time favorite and there it was, beautiful  Praia de Peniche de Cime.
Years later I found that company from Croatia -  Kohola surf camps have a surf camp in Peniche so
you can check them if you are dreaming about Peniche and Portugal.

We enjoyed at the beach and had a lunch in Peniche kite & surf center.
At this beach our friend took one of my favorite picture of Kiki and me together.
After 3 years he came back to Portugal with his wife for their hooneymoon and after another 2 years he became 
Kiki's best man at our weeding.  Life is a magic. And so is  Portugal. 


And what would you recommend for a road trip from Porto to Lisbon?  

For next time this is our list with 5 ideas.


One hour from Porto  there is Aveiro, beautiful place that is  full of the colorful houses and beautiful Moliceiro boats.                                         I would like to go for a ride with those beautiful Moliceiro boats and enjoy the view.  

Coimbra is one and a half hour ride from Porto. That is a town where Mondego, the longest river located exclusively in Portuguese territory , cross city  for two sides. At one side there is a University hill and from the  other side of Mondego river you can wach beautiful colorful hill.      I read that there are two kinds of fado in Portugal: Fado from Lisbon and Fado from Coimbra, so neither should be missed next time, right? 


The Castelo de Leiria is  one of the oldest castels in Portugal. This beautiful medieval castle with a renaissance palace is overlooking the city of Leiria. And one hour from Leiria is Fatima, one of the most famous shrines in the world. 


Nazaré is two hours ride from Porto. It has become a popular tourist attraction, advertising itself internationally as a picturesque seaside village. Located on the Atlantic coast, it has long sandy beaches considered by some to be among the best beaches in Portugal. The town used to be known for its traditional costumes worn by the fishermen and their wives who wore a traditional headscarf and embroidered aprons over seven flannel skirts in different colours.


Obidos is a town you pass before Peniche. This  is a charming Portuguese town with Porta da Vila – the main gate into Obidos that contains beautiful tiled chapel. The blue and white (18th century) glazed tiles are called Azulejo. Im obsessed with the white and blue tiles so I think I would love Obidos. 


Last but not the laest on this list is Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in the continental Portugal (I read that Mount Pico and Piquinho in the mid-Atlantic archipelago of the Azores are higher than Serra de Estrela). This would be  perfect for a trip in the nature.           This mountain range is a part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and offers plentiful skiing opportunities. OMG, how amazing would it be to go skiing  in Portugal?


After our stop in Peniche we continued our road trip to beautiful Lisbon and next week you can read about our 10 highlights from there. 


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