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Smiješak 2017


Smiješak 2017

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One of my favorite humanitarian actions, photo action Smiješak! (In croatian Smile!)  this year
will be held on Sunday, December 17 at Cukarikafe in Rijeka.
For seven  years it is held in the same place, at the same time and for the same purpose
- to help those
 who need the most help.
Behind the camera, computers and printers,  this sunday we will find: Dalibora Bijelić, Vladimir Mudrovčić, Karlo Čargonja, Ivan Vranjić, Aleksandra Đorđić, Viktor Pravdica, Martina Škrobot,Franjo StarčevićDamir Plavotić, Mateo Udovicic, Martina Perkovic, Nataša Slavić, Mateo Antić and Sanda Hunjak.
From 9am to 8pm, you will be able to make photos,
dress up in cheerful frames  and spread positive energy.
Smile! this year joined forces with the Kitten Safe House and decided to help cats.
Kitten Safe House is a newly established association for the purpose
of caring for abandoned cats. Their work principle is something different
from other animal protection associations.
The whole house has been transformed to the needs of the cats.
They disrupt kittens aged 1 to 2 months, but also older ones.
The cost of veterinarians, medical food, sand, and everything
they need is roughly  8,000 kn per month.
After healing, cats are required for a safe home, subject to sterilization / castration.
Members of the association also participate
in the famous Catch - sterlize - return to action. They saved over 200 cats.
The association has an unused space within the house for whose
decoration hopes to raise funds and thus increase the capacity
and the ability to assist a larger number of abandoned, discarded and sick cats.

In addition to being able to donate 20 or 30 kuna
(depending on whether you choose one or two 10x15 cm photos),
everyone will be able to choose a wooden frame that
can accommodate the photo and give it to the loved ones (or themselves).
Of course, all donations for frames also go for the humanitarian goal.

See you in Cukruikafe, Smile!




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