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Wedding music and cake


Wedding music and cake

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For our wedding party we wanted a  mix of croatian and some international music so from the first sound we knew
Point band will be our wedding band. Thanks to them we had our first dance with this beautiful song and they 
listened every song wish we and our guests had. Also they threw us some suprise songs and they were  all 
night wit us on the dance floor. 

Dario from Point is also a member of Klamaruša, a band that plays traditional croatian music
(with traditional instrumens like tambura)
Kiki always wanted a band like that on his wedding day so they were with him from the morning,
they came to Krk with him and were with us till the evening. 
Thank you Dario and Klamaruša for everything.
(And if you've never heard croatian music with tamburica we suggest you to check this song)  

On our wedding ceremony in the church in Omišalj Damir Kedžo sang us Ave Maria.
I always dreamed to get marry with that song so I can say big big thank you to Damir and
eveybody in the musical assembly in Omišalj's church. 
If you haven't heard yet how beautiful Damir Kedžo is singing this is his newest singl with ZsaZsa. 
If we were getting married now this would be our favorite wedding song. I am still crying haha. 
Thank you Damir. 



For our wedding cake we both knew from the start that chocolate cake is our favorite.
Anddd yes, we enjoyed  that tasting time a lot. I think we never ate so much chocolate cakes.
That was soooo happy yummy part of planing the wedding. 
Our wedding decoration was a mix of my favorite white roses and olive branches so I imagined 
cake in that same way. And Pekara Vrbnik fulfilled all of our expectations, even beyond that. 
Thank you for everything, the cake was so delicious and beautiful. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this will help you with your planning. 
Love, Hana 

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