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Wedding photographer - Dalibora Bijelić


Wedding photographer - Dalibora Bijelić

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A few years ago on my feed one beautiful photo popped up.
And I found out who is
Dalibora  Bijelić.
Since then I have been following her work and 
every wedding on which she has created wonderful memories.
I also discovered her story.
She is an example how everything is possible.
It's possible to have a law degree and as a profession choose a photography.
I wondered how wonderful it would be that one day she is a part of our wedding day. 
After Kiki popped the question we started to plan wedding and one of my first thought was photography.
And Dalibora.
I remember the moment I sent her the first inquiry.
At that time she was in Florence for a wedding
and she was checking the schedule and free dates on return.
That  few days  went by like a year. Hahah
I thought if it's a destiny she will be.
And she was. And yes, everything happens for a reason.
I don't know if I can describe what it was like when we first met. 
 That energy was wonderful.
And I knew that the picture I saw years ago was a sign. Hey, there's a wonderful Dalibora.
Several weeks before with Dalibora and Slaven we went to Omišalj and Malinska 
to show them where the wedding is, where is the hotel, dinner and where are the Mirine...
And that was a great idea and a wonderful one-day trip.
Such a trip helped us a lot with time planning and best places for photos.

Dalibor has become a part of our family.
I don't have enough words to thank her and recommend her  to all people
who are looking for such a wedding photo style.
And we were looking for and found her.
The pictures made our wedding an eternal memory.
We had the feeling that with us there was a  member of our family and a longtime friend.

Apart from the huge talent, her personality has won us at the first and 
we realized we want that  person with us.

I want you to have such a photographer while you are enjoyng in  the happiest and most emotional moments of your life.

Thank you for a thousand pictures, below I've put some of the ones we've framed.
I hope this article will help you. 

Thank you Daby for everything and thank you for sharing with us five tips for future newlyweds.
We love you a lot.


Dear Hana,
Looking back at my beginnings, now I completely can
understand how wonderful people have gone through my life
hanks to what I do. And how much they stay  near my heart.
Thanks to them and  also to you and to Kristijan,  today I am here. 
 My dream came rue and I'm doing  what I love.

Advice No1: Let me start with photography. Of course.
As with everything else concerning your wedding day, define a budget for your photographer.
But after that, choose with your heart.
These days there are numerous choices, sometimes it can be rather confusing to choose.
Everyone is offering so many things - usb package delivery, online galleries, wedding books, number of coverage hours, number of photos processed and delivered to you… but the essence of this is not a number.
Remember to start with the simplest things, things you feel - answer a very simple question: how important is photography to you?
Do you like certain photographers work? Do you like how he/she addressed you in their first email?
You have a good feeling, you clicked right away?
Are you aware of the fact that photography is the only physical thing you will
have after everything about the wedding day passes?
If this is what is important to you, don’t try to save money on your wedding photographer.
Find the perfect match. After you have chosen him/her, trust him.
Trust that he knows what he’s doing. He is a professional.
If he suggests that the most beautiful photos are beautiful because
they were made at certain hour, certain light, and he needs that time of the day, give him that.
Take the time for the portrait session.
Don’t think of it as something you have to do,
rather think of it as time you two will spend together alone, as a couple.
Enjoy that time.
A good photographer will know how to make you feel comfortable and provide you with quality time
during that portrait session and you will not have to hug those trees in the park or make Vogue poses
that you don’t feel comfortable in. Or fake smile. Let’s not forget fake smile.
I hate that. “Smile!” said photographer and everybody looked so natural - that actually never happened in real life.

Advice No2:
Choose the photographer as one of the first things when starting to plan your wedding.
A good photographer can help you a lot with some details, explain how things usually
work during a wedding day
(remember, he has a lot of experience, he’s been to a lot of weddings!), which might be very helpful!


Advice No3:  If it rains, it rains.
If the flowers don’t really match the shade you had in mind or
your hair has a will of its own, or aliens decide to attack the Earth right on your wedding day… don’t despair!
There are certain things we just can’t control no matter how hard we try.
On the other hand, there are things we can control.
We can control the way we look at things.
Remember than in life there is no perfection, there are certain shades of grey in everything.
But we can always be positive and make the best out of every situation.
Don’t forget - rain can be beautiful too! Even photos made in rain can have that WOW effect!

Advice No4: If your budget allows it, have an additional light for your reception.
You can have the best photographer in the world at the most spectacular location,
but if there’s no light, there’s no magic, no atmosphere and the photos might turn out very dull.
Don’t skip that part.

Advice No5:
Don’t be subjected to traditions just because something was supposed to be done that way,
or trends just because some bridal magazine said something is “in”.
Be what you are, make your wedding day YOURS.
In the end, it is your day.
When the day is over, don’t end it with regret of wishing you have done things differently.
I have heard so many couples regretting not being themselves. If you get lost in the process, get back to the initial idea.
You are getting married.
You are celebrating the bond you have as a couple.
And you want to celebrate it with your loved ones. That was the point of it all, wasn’t it?

And last, but not least - when the wedding day comes, breathe in, breathe out, relax and have FUN!
You have done the best job with planning and organising the whole thing and now enjoy the ride!
After all, when it’s all gone you’ll always have those awesome photos
to remind you of the moments and feelings you had that day!

Life is a journey. Make the memories last.

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