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Our wedding video - Cinemart Rijeka


Our wedding video - Cinemart Rijeka

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We really didn't plan to book a wedding video. Till then we didn't see any video with that wowwwww efect.
For me, they were all beautiful of course beacuse I love love weddings, but without that feeling
Omgggg we want them on our wedding day.
But then, one day while I was searching around the web one wedding video just popped up andddd I fell in love immediately.
After that one, I started to watch another one..and another one...and I think that night I saw them all haahha.
Then I showed them to Kiki and from the first look we knew that they will be a part of our wedding day too.
I will never forget first time when we met Slaven, the owner of Cinemart.
There he was, a biiiiggg, really big man with warm hug and even bigger heart.
Together we all just clicked. He and his crew were soooo kind, professional and they were like our family on our wedding day.
I knew one day Cinemart will be a part of hadoka too.
So here are Slaven's 5 tips to help all of you for your wedding day and wedding video. 

Thank you Slaven for everything. We love you.

1. On the wedding day the newlyweds are surrounded with a lot of  love but they can also be burdened
with a lot of obligations and regardless of the carefully planned day, there can be delays and stresses.  
Our recommendation is to try to organized the makeup and hairstyle at home or even better at a venue, at a location where wedding will be.

2. Today, most hotels offer a free room for newlyweds if they are having the wedding there.
We recommend organizing a gathering of guests and catering in the hotel
so that we can have more time to prepare. It is important to keep in mind that it is necessary
to prepare the recording for a minimum of one hour and also  there will be your official wedding photographer who will also need some time. 

3. When we are talking about shooting a photo session that is one of the most important segments of your wedding,
so think about that and your time before or after the wedding ceremony itself. Because of the modern way of shooting,
the newlyweds need  enough space and patience for top photos. Frequently, the photo session is not a priority
for the newlyweds, but our tip is - use your time in the best way. 

4. We always point out how important it is to plan time, but yes,  it is almost impossible to plan everything in a minute
and yes, the wedding plan can  often be changed. So it is very important to put at least half an hour of additional recording
space for the preparation and for the photo session because that will be the main part of your wedding video.

5. Carefully select your official cameraman because it's a memory that you will keep  forever. Often newlyweds say they are not even aware of what has happened or that some things have been forgotten, all because of that  stress. And with camera, everything is recorded, a moving image with the sound, with artistic expression with all that emotions that  will return you to the wedding day every time you will watch your video and  you will feel the same atmosphere again.

Good luck to all and have fun. 

You can check Cinemart's web here, Instagram and Facebook page.   
This version is mp4 because I coudn't put a Vimeo video here, but you can check HD version here with english subtitles.

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