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What to do in Grožnjan, Istria


What to do in Grožnjan, Istria

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Grožnjan is a medieval town located in the central Istria, 
on a hill above the sea level of 228 meters
 and 15 kilometres away from the sea.
Its  known as the "town of artists" since artists, such as
painters, sculptors, ceramics and  jewelry makers, 
came in Grožnjan in 1956. 
Today there are at least  42 galleries in Grožnjan where you can see their work.
Also, Grožnjan is a perfect place if you love music,  especially jazz,
since every year there are summer shools of music and jazz concerts. 
Grožnjan is a  perfect match  if you are looking for Instagrammble places in Istria
where  you can walk, relax and photograph every corner.
Artists  galleries and interesting houses make this town one of the most colourful
 destinations in Istria that is ideal for one day trip.
We decided to go to Grožnjan in the early morning after we had breakfast in Oprtalj. 
Even that was a very rainy day, when we came to Grožnjan the rain stopped
so our time in Grožnjan was perfect for walking and exploring.
If you love photography as much as I do then I am sure you will also
enjoy to take photos of every window, corner and door in Grožnjan.
There you can have a delicious istrian lunch, grab a coffee with beautiful view
and enjoy in art and music. (On the bottom of this post you can see our recommendations for next time.)
Enjoy in our  photo  gallery and tell me your favorite spots in Grožnjan. 

hadoka grožnjan 20.jpgbundeve grožnjan hadoka jesen.jpghadoka bundeve grožnjan.jpghadoka grožnjan istra.jpghadoka istra grožnjan.jpghadoka grožnjan 101.JPGgrožnjan hadoka 2.JPGhadoka grožnjan 104.JPGhadoka grožnjan 105.JPGhadoka grožnjan 111.JPGhadoka grožnjan 112.JPGgrožnjan hadoka 1.JPGhadoka grožnjan 106.JPGhadoka grožnjan 109.JPGhadoka grožnjan 114.JPGhadoka grožnjan 200.jpghadoka grožnjan 116.JPGhadoka grožnjan 117.JPGgrožnjan hadoka 7.JPGhadoka grožnjan 118.JPGhadoka grožnjan 119.JPGhadoka grožnjan 120.JPGhadoka grožnjan 121.jpghadoka grožnjan 122.JPGhadoka grožnjan 21.jpghadoka bundeve grožnjan istra.jpghadoka grožnjan 123.JPGhadoka grožnjan 23.jpghadoka love bundeve grožnjan.jpggrožnjan hadoka.jpg

Next time: 
1. Coffee with the view  and brunch  in aModomio-caffe VERO
2. Lunch in Konoba  Bastia
2. Summer in Grožnjan and Jazz is Back-BP
2. Kozlović winery and Momjan 
3. Day trip to Istrian coastline or Oprtalj, Motovun, Hum and Kotle  

Thank you for reading. 


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