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What to do in Hum and Kotli, Istria?


What to do in Hum and Kotli, Istria?

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If you are looking for the smallest town in the world you can find it in the central Istria. 
There is Hum, the smallest city in the world where you can walk inside the
city walls and enjoy in  two small streets with three rows of houses.
There are only just  20 inhabitants and even when there are more
visitors during the sunny, summer days, it never seems to be overcrowded.
Today Hum is a memorial city and one of the few preserved examples
of urban development within the medieval walls in the world.
Even when you come to Hum on a rainy, autumn day, like we did,  you will enjoy.
There are beautiful, colourful houses and interesting shops with Istrian products and you
can feel a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere all over the place. 





hadoka-hum-istra-1.JPGhadoka-istra-hum 1.jpghadoka-hum-istra 6.JPGhadoka-hum-istra 5.JPGhadoka-hum-istra 4.JPGhadoka-hum-istra 3.jpghadoka-hum-istra 2.jpghadoka-hum-istra 12.JPGhadoka-hum-istra 11.JPGhadoka-hum-istra 10.JPGhadoka-hum-istra  7.JPGhadoka-hum-istra  18.JPGhadoka hum.JPG

The road between the villages Roč and Hum  is seven kilometers long and
near the road there are eleven outdoor monuments. 
That road is known as Glagolitic Alley, made in  honor of the historical Croatian scribal tradition in Glagolitic script.
My favorite sculptures in Glagolitic Alley are these in the photos below.

hadoka-hum-istra 13.JPGhadoka-hum-istra  14.JPG

Beside Hum, we visited Kotli too. 
Kotli is a little village, 10 minutes away from Hum, that due to its isolation has kept its rural 19th century look.
Today there are beautiful grey-blue houses with pool that you can rent for vacation.
Also, there were two watermills and one of them is reconstructed.
During the spring and summer you can enjoy even more because
through the village of Kotli  the river Mirna flows down and creates amazing waterfalls. 

hadoka-kotle-istra 3.JPGhadoka-kotle-istra 2.JPGhadoka-kotle-istra 1.JPGhadoka kotli.JPGhadoka kotle .jpg

For next time:
1. Say cheers with biska, a brandy spiced with mistletoe according to an old recipe originally from Hum.
2. At the end of October, there you can visit  Grappa festival and try biska from all over Istria.
3. Lunch with the view at Humska konoba
4. Brunch in Wine bar & shop Raboš
5. Start your Istrian tour in Hum and continue to istrian coastline

Thank you for reading, 
Enjoy in Istria.

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