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What to do in Motovun, Istria?


What to do in Motovun, Istria?

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One of the towns we visited during our  weekend getaway in central Istria was Motovun. 
Motovun is a medieval town, situated on a hill 270 metres above sea level  with colourful  houses scattered all over the hill. 
That morning in october we had a walking tour through the city gate and  the streets of Motovun,
we drank coffee with the view in Montona
bought more truffle souvenirs in Natura tartufi and enjoy in the view from the city walls. 
Back in 2009, one of our first trips together was in Motovun  so we were happy to be back
and this time we even had a perfect photo session in the Motovun's vineyards. 
I hope you'll enjoy in our little photo  gallery and you will inspire yourself
to visit beautiful Motovun as soon as posible. 

hadoka-motovun-istra 1.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 8.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  18.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  16.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 5.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 13.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 4.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 7.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  14.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 24.jpghadoka-motovun-istra- 20.JPGhadoka-motovun-istra 6.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  11.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  10.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 22.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  23.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 26.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 27.JPGhadoka-motovun-istra 2.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 201.JPGhadoka-motovun-istra 12.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  25.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  21.jpghadoka-motovun-istra 3.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  17.jpghadoka motovun 200.jpghadoka-motovun-istra  19.jpg

1. Motovun film festival
2. Wellness in Hotel Kaštel
3. Lunch in  Pod Napun, Mondo or Pod Voltom
4. Teran and truffle festival in October
5. Days of the Giant Veli Joze Motovun

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