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What to do in Oprtalj, Istria


What to do in Oprtalj, Istria

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One weekend in october Palazzo Angelica and Oprtalj were our home.
This was our first visit to Oprtalj, a small and colorful place in Istria.
The rows of cypresses at the entrance and at the exit of the place are creating  this place irresistible.
Oprtalj is also a place where  where I was happy although the weather was rainy and foggy
and the place taught me to be happy even when the weather  is not sunny.
We can hardly wait to come  back and meeting Oprtalj under the sun,
and below you can see how we spent one day in Oprtalj and its surroundings:

1.  We relaxed in   Palazzo Angelica

oprtalj hadoka 11.JPGoprtalj hadoka 6.JPG

 2. We walked to  Loggia  where you can enjoy in beautiful view 

oprtalj hadoka 14.jpgblack leather jacket hadoka.jpgoprtalj hadoka 13.jpghadoka oprtalj 101.jpghadoka oprtalj 53.jpgoprtalj hadoka 3.jpgoprtalj hadoka 16.jpg

3. We had a photo session  in cypress tree-lined road near  St. Mary church

hadokas heart oprtalj.jpgoprtalj hadoka 15.jpghadoka oprtalj 102.jpghadoka oprtalj 104.jpgoprtalj hadoka 9.JPGhadoka oprtalj 51.jpg

4. Dinner at  Konoba Oprtalj

konoba oprtalj hadoka 2.jpgkonoba oprtalj hadoka.JPG

5. Trip to : Livade na Dane Zigante tartufa 

what to do in oprtalj hadoka  2.jpggrožnjan hadoka.jpgmotovun hadoka.jpghum hadoka.jpgkotle hadoka.jpgwhat to do in oprtalj hadoka 5.jpgwhat to do in oprtalj hadoka 3.jpg


Articles from these trips you read here on a blog,
and for the next excursion to Oprtalj we are planning:
1. The Oprtalj Chestnut Festival  in mid-October
2.  Parenzana cyling tour  in the spring
3. Summer by the pool in Plazzo Angelica
4. Lunch at Agroturizam Tončić
5. Trip  to the Istrian coast and a repeat panoramic flight above Rovinj, Vrsar, Poreč, Umag and Novigrad

If you have any suggestions for Istria, share them with us.
Thanks for reading,

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