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Where to eat in Baška, Island Krk? Heritage hotel Forza

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Where to eat in Baška, Island Krk? Heritage hotel Forza

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Heritage hotel Forza in Baška is often the location of our family gatherings
and everytime we go there they suprise us all over again with delicious meals, pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff.
Most often we choose pizza and homemade pasta -šurlice or gnocchi 
but we are also happy when they create a  specially  seasonal menu.
This time, they made autumn menu again, so   it was even harder to choose which meal we will order.
If you are looking for a restaurant on the island of Krk and you want to try autumn specialties too,
such as,  šurlice in cream sauce with pumpkin and pancetta
or ramstek in sage sauce with pumpkin gnocchi,
our our recommendation is autumn menu at Forza. 
For pumpkin lovers, we would also recommend pumpkin soup and
grilled pork fillet with pumpkin risotto.

heritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka.jpgheritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 1.jpgheritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 7.jpg

Za uživanje u tradicionalnim krčkim specijalitetima,
naše odabir  su uvijek i njihovi domaći njoki i šurlice sa gulašem. 

heritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 8.jpgheritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 2.jpg

Za kraj, jesenski ručak odlučili smo  zasladili sa
semifreddom od lješnjaka, kestenom i čokoladom i savršenom  tortom od kestena. 

heritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 4.jpgheritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 5.jpgheritage-hotel-forza-baska-hadoka 6.jpg

Forza see you soon. 

Thank you for reading. 
Enjoy on island Krk and

Bon appetite!


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