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Few years ago I saw a beautiful picture of the photogenic town on web and I immedaiately went to google it.
It was Hallstatt. 
Pastel houses, blue lake and  mountains above Hallstatt lake that  set perfect picture. 
Beautiful small village in the middle of Austria that is known for the oldest village in the world,
world's first known salt mine named Salzwelten, world-famous charnel house in St. Michael’s Chapel and cemetery,
mountines range above the Hallstatt lake and tourists – mostly  from China because they even made a Hallstatt replica village in China. 
I couldn't wait to visit Hallstatt. 
You don’t  actually have to do anything in Hallstatt. 
Just walking along the town  is a great way to spend the day in Hallstatt
 but there are some  things  I would like recommend. 

1. First thing you see when you come to Hallstatt is THE VIEW.
When we came in that first spot I was there for some time and I
was taking a lot of pictures to capture that beautiful moment. 
The view is always better in live but I hope that you can see how
beautiful Hallstatt is and why was so long on my bucket list. 
There are swans around you so the view is even better.
Love at the  first sight I would say. 

    2. We started our one day trip in Hallstatt with the boat tour along the Hallstatt lake.
    That was a great way to see Hallstatt from the lake side and to recover from the ride.
    Yes, it's a long ride from Rijeka to Hallstatt but trust me,  it's  worth it. 
    Blue lake and green mountains above pastel houses with flowers were
    beautiful background and introduction to the Hallstatt trip. 

    3. After the boat ride we took a walk throught the old town.
    Beautuful houses, flowerboxes  and instagrams spots on every corner. 
    From the port you can take a walking tour through the streets of Hallstatt,
    going upstairs and downstairs while
    exploring small streets and beautiful panoramic viewes.
    While you are walking and admiring you will find  the central square in the middle of the town.
    It's one of the sweetest square I've seen so far, with pastel houses and flowerboxes in every corner. I
    ts perfect place to stand or sit with the coffee and enjoy the moment. 

    4. Hallstatt is known for Evangelical Church in the center and for Catholic Church  where is the world-famous charnel house in St. Michael’s Chapel and cemetery. I'm not a fan of catacombas and history stories like that  but I have to say that it's fascinating how they built and have  organized all of that back in the time.
    And if you don't want to go to charnel house ike me (even I love Dia de los muertos)
    from there you can enjoy in the beautiful view of Hallstatt. 

    5. Hallstatt skywalk – Welterbeblick 
    It takes around 5 minutes with the funicular to enjoy  the beautiful view above the Hallstatt.
    From there you can go to the salt mine or you can go meet some new friends – funny and sweet goats. 
    We enjoyed there with coffee and delicious cakes so the view was even better.

    For next time: 

    1. If you have more time in Hallstat than you can take 
    off from boat in  Obertraun and go to 5 fingers – another amazing panorama skywalk

    2. Half day trip to salt mine. 

    3. Day trip to beautiful   not only for and/or  

    4. Visiting Dachstein -  2,995 metre high mountain.
    We visited Dachstein  while we were skiing in Schladming
    Imagine winter trip and how amazing is Hallstatt when is snowing.

    5. Bike ride all the way aroud the Hallstatt lake.
    I am dreaming about late sping day  in Hallstatt,
    with even more flowers than now and exploring that area with bikes.
    For me that sounds great. What you recommend for next time? 

    Thank you for reading,

    hallstatt outfit.jpg