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I love  Croatian products and Croatian successful business stories.
One of those stories is  story about  Lavare  cosmetics  and Sonja Beier Grgić,
master of pharmacy and aromatherapist and her team.

Like most other successful stories, this one also came out of love. In Lavare's case from love for cosmetics.
Ten years ago it all  started with the  soaps that Sonja made for her friends.
After that, the idea of ​​launching the brand came along the way  and today, Lavare Cosmetics on their website and
in many shops offers a wide range of products -  from body scrubbings, lip balms to sunscreen products.
And with their carrot  sun oil for  found lovely  Lavare story.

Lavare carrot oil is one of those products I decided to be a part of my cosmetic beach bag this summer with the mission to get the most beautiful tan.
I love sun tanning  so I decided to try this oil, especially after numerous comments how  carrot oil encourages tanning and glow for skin.

This product is intended for anyone who loves sun oils and for everyone who wants to get tan.
Since the oil does not have a protective factor, I would recommend it to be used depending on the initial ten, depending on the time when you are  going  to the beach and with the advise to use it with the sun products that have protective factor,  as not to get red.
I started using this  product  after I had been in the sun several times before and when I had a darker color.
 After two days in the sun and using this oil I I saw  the results so I hope you will be happy with this sun oil like I was. 

The carrot oil is packed in a 250 ml plastic bottle with a  pump on the top that allows
us to easily dispense the amount we want to use.
Since I'm a big fan of pumps, packaging is another plus that this product got.

The price of the product is 49,95 kuna that is about 6 E. 

The base oil of the product is an oil of wheat germ and almond and a carrot oil that is rich in carotenoids
that encourage tanning. You can read all product ingredients here.

When you close your eyes and you  smell this product you can immediately feel the summer.
 Tropical notes of oil, which are not intensive but still rich, provide a pleasant scent on your skin.
Sun oil is also avaiable with the scent of coconut that surprisingly I did not buy this time because I wanted to try carrot oil,
but if you are a fan of coconut like me here you can have a look at that product.

The color of this oil is  orange so  therefore use it in a way to make sure you spray it on your skin not around yourself.
I am saying that so you dont spray it on clothes or towels to  avoid greasy traces.
Yes, of course, that I sprayed it on my swimwear and towel haha, but traces  disappeared right after washing.
Immediately after the first use of the oil, it will make your skin soft and it will remain soft even after swimming.

I prefer to use this oil just after the first swimm, while the skin is still wet.
 realized that for me that  is the  easiest way to apply it to the skin and then the oil has the best effect.

All Lavare products you can buy through their web site and in Bipa shops all over Croatia.
I bought it in Malinska at the Kvarners Flower shop that is one of the Trgovine Krk shops 
and I was so happy that this product is also available on the island of Krk.
Enjoy in summer, sun and sea. 

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