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10 best drugstore liquid foundations

After the article about 10  best mascarar, in this article you can find out the top 10 liquid foundation.
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1. Bourjois, Healthy mix serum 
Serum is the best choice for people with dry and normal skin, as well as people who want to achieve gentle to medium coverage. The powder is easily smeared and leaves a beautiful dewy finish and your face  skin looks natural and fresh after it's application.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 3.jpg

2. Bourjios, Healthy mix puder
Foundation, which has won many hearts, is intended for people with normal and mixed skin. In the last two years, two variants were available in the market, before 2017 and after 2017. In addition to packaging, the difference was mostly in the texture, which no longer leaves a greasy trace on the face as well as the oxidation process that was previously much stronger. Like HM serum, the powder provides a velvety and natural face appearance, however, unlike serum,  on the face it lasts for several hours longer. Foundation is the ideal choice for anyone looking for medium-density, medium-to-light coverage, and easily smudged foundation.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 10.jpg

3. L'Oréal,True mach
 This foundation is intended for people with normal and mixed skin. People with dry skin may find that the powder can be caught on the dry parts on the face (such as the area under the eyes, the nose or between the eyebrows). Although the powder has a fairly liquid texture, it provides a superficial coverage, and the skin after its application is brilliant, which is often the most important goal we want to achieve by applying the foundation  and this foundation   fills it.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 11.jpg

4. Maybelline, Affinitone
Although this foundation is intended for all skin types, it is a recommendation that best suits for people who have normal and mixed skin. And in that case, the best impression of the powder will be achieved with the addition of t-zone with the powder in the stone. This foundation provides a medium coverage  and the beautiful texture leaves the velvet touch and the healthy appearance of the face.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 4.jpg

5.Maybelline, Affinitone Mineral
This foundation is one of the finest foundations that perfectly smoothes the pores and after which the skin looks precocious. However, since the powder leaves the dewy finish, it is best suited to people with dry and normal skin, as well as those who prefer a medium coverage and a slight feel on the face.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 5.jpg

6.Revlon colorstay
For people with mixed and greasy skin , ooking for a matte finish and wanting a strong  coverage power, Revlon's Colorstay could be the favorite. This foundation  covers all the imperfections and the t-zoneis save for  10 hours. At the same time it leaves no heavy feel on the face and is beautifully smudged.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 8.jpg

7.  L'Oréal Infalible 24h matte
Just as the name  says this foundation leaves a matte finish, it is medium to strong coverage and most suitable for people who have mixed and oily skin. Although the texture of medium density powders is very smoother, after its application, the skin has a healthy and shiny appearance.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 6.jpg

8.Maybelline  Fit me+matte poreless
Although this foundation is  designed for people with oily skin too, the recommendation would be that it is better suited to those with normal and mixed skin. The foundation has a beautiful texture and provides a natural face look.
+ Maybelline also designed a Fit me, dewy + smooth foundation, for people with dry and normal skin. We hope to see it soon in the Croatian stores.

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 2.jpg

9. Catrice HD liquid coverage 
Although Catrice's powders often come in very light shades, the advantage of this foundation is that people who has the darkness shades also can find foundation for themselves. The powder will most suit people who have mixed to oily skin and which strive for a strong covering power. Considering the ratio of quality, beautiful packaging and price of this foundation, it is so long, so high on my favorite foundation list. 

10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 7.jpg

10.  Pupa BB cream+primer
Although it is a BB cream, this foundation,  in medium-thick texture, can replace powders that provide a mild covering effect. Bb Cream provides a light and wonderful feeling on your face. Although it is intended for all skin types, it would normally be best suited to people with normal and mixed skin. The only flaw in these BB creams is that it comes  only in two shades. This bb cream also comes in a variant for mixed and oily skin, so we also hope that soon people with oily skin would be able to buy them  in Croatian drugstores.


10-najboljih-tekucih-pudera-drogerija-hadoka 9.jpg

Thank you for reading. 
Enjoy in make up. 

With love,