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My beauty favorites in february

In this post you'll see wich products were my favorites during february 2017.

In this post you'll  see wich products were my favorites during february 2017.

I talked about those products in my croatian yotube video so you can watch it below this post.


1. In february I got back to Aussie

They are doing great staff for my hair and their notes on the products are so sweet <3 
For hair that's a bit unhappy sooo with Aussie it won't be anymore :)




2. Also, I used castor oil 

For making my hair healthier and longer. I personally use castor oil on sundays and I leave the treatment on a hair for several hours.
I think it would be great if you can leave it overnight. :)





3. Dry skin

I have very dry skin so this month I tried  Nivea in shower body skin conditioner.  That's a hassle-free way to moisturize skin while you are  in the shower. It's designed to be used after bar soaps and shower gels and it leaves skin feeling hydrated and silky soft – even after towel drying.

I'm always in a hurry and sometimes I forget to put on some body lotion so this  product is helping my skin to be healthy and softy. 




4. My goal is to have a healthy body

So those Eveline products are helping me to make that goal happen. They have different tipes of anti-cellulite serums. You can choose between slim extreme 3D or slim extreme 4D body shaping treatment and you can choose between warming effect and  cold efect. 

During the winter I always choose the one with the warming effect. :) It would be great if you can apply it twice a day.

Usually I use it in the evenings. I massage the product with circular movements into body parts affected with excessive adipose tissue and cellulite (waist, buttocks and thighs). They say that first results may be noticed after  3-4 weeks of regular application and I saw first results after a week. It's recommended to apply serum all year round, 2-3 times a week to maintain the achieved effect. And of course healthy food and exercise can help too :)

The warmth or coldness maintains for approximately 30-40 minutes so keeeeeep up till the end:)





5. I love trying all diferent types of lip balms and lip moisturires. 

During the winter and when I use all of those ultra matte lipsticks I notice how my lips are more dry. So one of my favorite lip product is helping me then. Melem is an original Croatian cream and if you have a problem with dry and calloused skin their products can make your dry skin supple and velvety. 




6.  I first mentioned ColourPop Cosmetics

In my yotube video  few months ago. I love their ultra matte lipsticks. In february I fell in love with their Solow. 
This color is everithing what I think when I say spring. 




7. My sister has the most beautiful eyelashes

I've seen in my life. Everything she use for makeup I use just after her <3
So when she bought this Maybelline mascara I knew this will be my new mascara :)






Thank you for reading and feel free to add your favorites <3