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Resort Valle dell’Erica - Sardinia

Kiki surprised me  and for our honeymoon we went to Sardinia.

I will never forget where somewhere in Italy I realized where are we going.
Kiki was there when he was younger and he told me years ago how beautiful Sardinia is.
From then Sardinia was on our bucket list too and for me the idea that Kiki came back there with his wife is so sweet.
I was crying and I was so happy that he planed all that for us.
He bought me a tour book for Sardinia  and that feeling that you are going somewhere that you haven't plan was surprisingly so amazing.
For a person like me who were control freak when is time for planning and traveling the idea that he's organizing
our honeymoon was actually the best idea ever.
Usually we have a plan to see all amazing spots in the city we visit and this time we agreed that this trip is all about chill.
That was our first trip abroad that we wanted to spend at the beach, chilling, kissing and relaxing all day. 
And yes, of course that we explored so much in North Sardinia at the end hahha. 
I got so much ideas from that tour book. 

Here are our memories from Sardinia, I hope this will inspire you for your Sardegna trip too. 

1. Resort Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & SPA Resort

I will never forget when we arrived in Sardinia and when we came in front of beautiful hotel Valle dell’Erica.
I had a feeling like I was in a dream and I couldn't believe that amazing hotel will be our home for next days.
I read that from the port town Olbia to the tip of Capo de Testa there are some of the worlds most beautiful beaches.
Because of the see so blue, green and clear that its known to the world as the costa Smeralda, the Esmerald Coast.
And that beautiful area was a location of our hotel.
The hotel had everything we wanted when we were talking how we want to spent our honeymoon.
We had so amazing experience there. All staff were soo kind, they provide us excellence service and delicius food.
They talked us about Sardegna history and tradition and how creator of this beautiful hotel wnated to save nature while they were building this resort.
They've done everything in harmony with the nature, with that beautiful area and beches around resort.
We love hotel's breakfast and those were amazinggg. We are still dreaming about those donuts haha
We enjoyed chilling by the pool with cocktails, relaxing in amazing spa area and in their a la cart restaurant.
Some of our best memmories are from Valle dell'Erica  and we are so grateful that we had a opportunity to enjoy there
and we are happy to be back there Delphina hotels


2. Santa Teresa Porto Cervo and gelato 

We spent one afternoon in beautiful Porto Cervo surrounded by the yachts and
sailboats and one afternoon we spent in Santa Teresa where we enjoyed in the
best icecream we tried in Sardinia. There we enjoyed in beautiful beaches too.
And in all that area you can take a moment by the sea enjoying in beautiful views. 

3. North Sardinia roadtrip  and Castelsardo

We planed a coastline roadtrip all the way to beautiful Castelsardo, a small colorful town with a castle on the top
where you can find lot souvenirs from your Sardnia trip and you can enjoy in beautuful coastline
with long sand beaches and panoramic views. I think today that would be a great place for #hadokasheart. 

4. Stintino and La Pelosa 

La Pelosa is the most beautiful beach we seen so far and with amazing nature around that area,
clear water and sand it's not surprise that is one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia. 
Spending time there was amazing. 

5. Food and drink 

We enjoyed in food and drinks in Sardinia.
In Valle dell'Erica we tried all Sardinian specialties.
Also, we went to local market in Santa Teresa to explore homemade dishes and  where we bougth some of them for home.
We are chees lovers so we enjoyed in pecorino chesse - pecorino fiore sardo,  a typical hard cheese from Sardinia that is
made from the whole sheep's milk. After about half year the chees have a yellow or a  brown crust and the longer is aged
the flavour become spicier.  And omg when i remember pane caresau - caresau bread, the large, thin and crispy bread from Sardinia.
They put origano, basil or onion inside and on the top. Sooooooo delicius.
And there is a pompia, a fruit from Sardinia that looks like a mix of an orange, lemon and graipfriut but much  larger.
And with  aranzada- aranciata or orange juice with pompia you can enjoy in  your Sardinia time.
Yes, we love pasta too so we were happy to try their pasta too.
Malloreddus alla Campidanese and fregola are Sardinian type of pasta so with tomato sauce you can have a delicious lunch.
We enjoyed in calamari, fish, best lobster and oysters we tried so far. And with all kind of meat you can have a great time too. 
We cheers to our love with mirto and Tuvaoes white wine.
There are two kinds of Mirto liqueurs. Mirto rosso, a sweet red liqueur made from Myrtle berries that was mine favorite one
 and Mirto bianco, a white one that is  made from Myrtle leaves. 
And the best wine we tryed was Tuvaoes white wine that we also bought from home and we cheers with our families for happy time. 


Thank you Valle dell'Erica for our best time and thank you Sardegna. We are happy to come back soon.
Thank you for reading. 

Ideas for next time:

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