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Where to eat in Istria? Konoba Oprtalj

During our stay in Oprtalj we visited Konoba Oprtalj in a search of Istrian cuisine.
I ordered their  homemade tagliatelle with truffles that came in a large portion, and they cost 130 kunas.
Kiki chose a medium baked Florentine steak,  combined with the perfect baked potato.
The price of kg of firentine steak was 200 kuna, and his piece was almost kg.
The waiter's instructions were that it will be a big piece of meat, which were happy news for Kiki and
the quantity that came to the table was quite enough for a person who could hardly wait to have dinner.
The staff were very polite and friendly, the dinner was amazing, the atmosphere was relaxing,
so we  recommend to you  Konoba Oprtalj from our hearts and we cant  wait to try Istrian specialties again.

Bon appetite!

konoba oprtalj istra.jpg