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BOUVIER - Rose Revival - regeneration cream with hyaluron

I love inspirational stories, so as soon as I heard about Maja, a 24 year Master of Communication and about her Bouvier, the new luxury Croatian cosmetics brand created with the help of her grandmas recipe, I  immediately fell in love.

It all started with a simple question - why natural cosmetics couldn’t be luxurious at the same time? After years of making recipes and dreaming  about natural cosmetics products that come in a beautiful glass packaging, Maja has decided to launch her own. And when we are brave, the whole universe is directed towards the realization of our dreams. Financial resources have been raised by getting a scholarship, Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier inspired her for brand name, she took a deep breath and full heart and her story began.


This daily creme is intended for all skin types. According to my latest reviews I have a mixed skin type with a greasy and shiny T-zone, with dry cheeks and eye area that is  delicate but  full of wrinkle lace

This daily creme is intended for all skin types. According to my latest reviews I have a mixed skin type with a greasy and shiny T-zone, with dry cheeks and eye area that is  delicate but  full of wrinkle lace

The cream is packed in a glass transparent  bottle with a metal pump on the  top. I ordered a package that, besides the cream, contains a bracelet and a candle. Since I am a big fan of candles, I was thrilled with this pack. The pink square box in which the staple products are wrapped  with the  white bow. Because of this wonderful look and also because inside you can put  a customized message, this packaging is an excellent gift idea.With  the wonderful combination of white and pink color box, it looks great on the nightstand I use to store all my other sweer things.


The regular price for this package is 249,00 kn, and a reduced price that is still available is 189,00 kn. If you decide for a package that contains only a face cream, it will come in a pink box wrapped  also with a white bow. The regular price for that package is 188,00 kn, and as long as the discount is down, the cream can be purchased at a price of 138,00 kn.

The main ingredients of the cream are rose petals. I have already learned that roses are not just the queen of flowers for appearance but also they are the most precious natural ingredient. I was surprised when I read that for 1 l of oil it takes as much as 5 tons of roses  to be picked before dawn because at that time the oil percentage is the largest, so it is no wonder how natural cosmetics are appreciated. The petals of rose  contain vitamins A, C and E, natural acids and bioflavonoids, which, regardless of whether they act separately or together with vitamin C, suppress allergy, relieve inflammation, strengthen collagen and connective tissue.
Also, the cream is a combination of these ingredients too: wild rose fruit, essential rose oil, rose geranium, rose flower, hen, apple juice, apricot and grape seeds, vitamin E and skin moisturizer. You can read more about the description of all the ingredients on the bouvier page here. The cream does not contain parabens, silicones or mineral oils. Natural cosmetics are therefore appreciated even more because it contains ingredients which, because of its natural combination, can not replace any chemical substance.

As soon as I opened a  box and pressed the pump for the first time, I felt a beautiful smell of rose. So waking up with the smell of roses, while coffee is on my way, became my favorite part of morning.

The cream is  with the smooth texture and leaves a velvety trace on the skin. The colour of the cream is pink but when you apply it doesnt leave any clues.


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

With one click on the metal pump on top of the product, I get enough amount of cream for the whole face and part of the neck where  I always apply daily cream too. The cream I  apply after my  morning facial cleansing. Since the creme is fast-creasing, after a minute you can apply make-up on the face. I apply cream in the afternoon too. After I get home after work, I take off my makeup, clean my face, apply this cream and let her rest my face. And mind too.

This cream you can get in the web shop on the bouvier page  and you can follow the brand on Bouvier's facebook page and instagramprofile.

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Just because of its effect, due to the hydration for my face, the wonderful packing and scents, this cream became one of my april favorites and while I filmed video I was thinking how the idea of ​​their hand cream would be wonderful too. By then, Maja announced the extension of the Rose Revival line, as well as the creation of a new product - serum based on chia seeds and lines for our men. I wish good luck to Maja and Bouvier.

 And for you,  I want you to follow your dreams and to learn from this example too
that everything is possible so  imagine, believe and dare.

Love you, Hana